Catching up and the Dao is Doa-(Episode #9)

dao-hack-emergency-broadcast dao-hacked-2 dao

In Today’s episode I try and play a little catch up. So much has happened. So many other things I would like to talk about since the last podcast. I feel since this was such big news in the crypto world and because my last podcast was about my aspirations for this project, I felt I must address this. The now infamous DAO known as “the DAO” has been brought down. Ethereum still lives on but not without consequence. Join me as I discuss how it all went down. Some crazy black hat on white hat hacker and vice versa in this episode!



Ethereum, Smart Contracts & The Internet Of Things-(Episode #8)

Ethereum team picDAOIOT

Today’s show will try and explain a decentralized approach to connecting internet dwelling smart contacts to real world items like tools and or property of some sort. We will be discussing Ethereum again as well as the DAO and IOT or the internet of things. Please join us as we discuss this facinating cutting edge technology and ideas. Enjoy the show!

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Public Opinion, Illusion of Choice & Voting -(Episode #7)


Today’s show will have 3 sub topics that all pertain to politics in America. With election season upon us, I thought I would give a different perspective to ponder as we go about our daily lives moving forward to a better future! In this episode I once again challenge the status quo as we talk about: media, public opinion, choosing candidates, voting and more. Enjoy the show!

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Spiritual Principles, Anarchy & Taoism-(Episode #6)

Spiritual PrinciplesAnarchyLao Tsu

Today’s show will have two main topics. The 1st topic will have to do with spirituality and or spiritual principles. Here I will just talk on my experience with what I try and employ in my life and how that helps regarding this subject. The second part of the show will be mostly about my experience with Taoism and how it can relate to anarchy. Join me as I talk on these 2 sources of solution in a world filled with problems. Enjoy the show!

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Thoughts on Ethereum and Unschooling-(Episode #5)


ethereum unschoolbus

Today’s show will have 2 main topics. 1st we will talk a little about what is going on with Ethereum. The 2nd part of the show will be dedicated to talking a little about alternative schooling choices for our children. My wife and I are considering homeschooling/ unschooling our 2 boys ages 2 and 6 months. Join me as I talk about these 2 very different topics today.

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Bitcoin Explained-(Episode #4)

bitcoin explained

This is the second part of my Bitcoin series. This will probably be it for a little while on the topic of Bitcoin and crypto-currencies as we need to cover other topics on this podcast. On this podcast I explain: how to get Bitcoin, where to put it, what happens during a transaction, what the blockchain is all about, as well as how mining works.

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Thank You Meat Puppets!!!

A special thank you to the Meat Puppets for giving us permission to use their music on this podcast! I have been a big fan of the Pups for years. Their music is very diverse. Beginnings of early punk all the way to honky-tonk country and much more in between. I have a lot of profound respect for these guys so it was important for me to get permission to use their music. From now on you will notice the intro and outro music has changed to various Meat Puppets music.

I am sorry for the lack of podcasts the last month or so. I have been very very busy managing my projects, work, and home life with small children. I am committed to getting more efficient and the podcasts will get more regular so if you are waiting more are coming soon!

I will leave you today with a country-esk song by the Meat Puppets from one of my favorite albums called “II”. The song is called “Lost”. Enjoy!

“Lost” by the Meat Puppets

The Intro to Intro of Bitcoin -(Episode #3)

bitcoin intro pic LFP

This is going to be the 1st Bitcoin podcast of a series I will be doing explaining Bitcoin. Because of the technical nature of this subject, I decided to do several podcasts that will grow in their complexity as I try and do my best to outline all of the aspects of Bitcoin and the platform that powers it. I will be doing an overview/recap of this podcast in the next podcast to sort of solidify what I was trying to say in this podcast. Here are some links that I said I would provide in this show.



As I explained, Bitcoin has no CEO or stock and is not a corporation or company. Also Newsweek did not unmask the creator of Bitcoin. The media seems to get this wrong time and time again. I’m not sure if its a coordinated misinformation campaign or if its just plain ignorance. In any case shame on these media outlets for putting out erroneous information… Continue reading


Intersection of Hobbies and Work – (Episode #2)

arduino 2 arduino 1

In this podcast I talk about using the popular micro controller platform Arduino in Hobbies that might become more than just hobbies. This relates to the technology section of this podcast, so today is sort of a tech show. I talk about how I am building a temperature monitoring system as well as a gun safe monitoring system all from scratch with stuff I just found on the internet. Keep in mind I have no computer programming or electrical hardware background. I am 100% amateur and novice. That is the power of Arduino!!! You can start anywhere, at any knowledge level and gain quite an amazing proficiency with programming and electronics. You can find out more about these little devices at