Thank You Meat Puppets!!!

A special thank you to the Meat Puppets for giving us permission to use their music on this podcast! I have been a big fan of the Pups for years. Their music is very diverse. Beginnings of early punk all the way to honky-tonk country and much more in between. I have a lot of profound respect for these guys so it was important for me to get permission to use their music. From now on you will notice the intro and outro music has changed to various Meat Puppets music.

I am sorry for the lack of podcasts the last month or so. I have been very very busy managing my projects, work, and home life with small children. I am committed to getting more efficient and the podcasts will get more regular so if you are waiting more are coming soon!

I will leave you today with a country-esk song by the Meat Puppets from one of my favorite albums called “II”. The song is called “Lost”. Enjoy!

“Lost” by the Meat Puppets