About Us


5019Hello and welcome to Living Freedom Podcast I am your host Brandon. We will be discussing topics related to freedom and liberty. There is a growing tide of people looking for alternative media sources that the main stream media channels just don’t provide. They are looking for unique opinions and perspectives outside of the realm of “public opinion” and the main stream media narratives. I believe we are in the beginning stages of an expedited evolution of sorts. There is a Sea Change in the air that you can almost see or feel. This is a group of outside-the-box thinkers that are doing things without permission, forming communities, volunteering and coming up with solutions to problems on our own without the help of higher authority. A few genres that we will visit are….

1.) Spirituality– We may touch on this from time to time as it is an important tool for many to get the strength and inspiration to do the next right thing.

2.) Current Events– We will examine current events from time to time. As much as its important not to get too caught up in the news every day, we will look at the headlines from time to time. Its important to talk about these things because they do affect us all on some level.

3.) Technology– We will be covering a number of new and revolutionary technologies that are available now for us to advance liberty and freedom in our lives.

4.) Preparedness– This is something that we will talk about as well as it can give us the freedom to survive and even thrive in not planned or bad situations.

5.) Psychology– This is something we must not overlook. We will discuss having a positive mental state as our perceptions can alter our personal reality and how we view opportunities as well as how we react to situations.

6.) Alternative Living– Some of the guests we will have on the show will be living outside the box lifestyles and have alternative type professions and or livelihoods.

7.) Other– This podcast has room to talk about a whole range of topics. I will be doing my best to try and stick to the theme of living freedom. Feedback is crucial and encouraged as I cant do this alone. Please let me know about a potential guest, article, or other interesting resource for the show.